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Aspiring Game Show Writers Sought

Assuming we can put together at least Match Game for BayCon, I wouldn't mind having some new questions, preferably of a sf/f/fandom-oriented nature. If you have ideas, e-mail them to me -- kastandlee [at] or my work e-mail if you have it, but put "[Match Game]" in the subject because that account has lots of spam. If you put them in comments here, I'll see them, but so will anyone else reading it.

Another idea that came up at BASFA last night was doing Hollywood Squares, although there is actually a problem with the physical set design for that one. Match Game can be done "flat" with all six panelists side by side -- we did that at MilPhil. It's better if you have a riser on which you can put an eight-foot table. Then you put three people behind that table and three more on a table at floor level in front, similar to the real show's set. Hollywood Squares needs a third level, which is trickier to build.

But if we could pull it off, we could even do the combined game that was tried for about one season that I sort of liked: the Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour. This is complicated, and it's difficult enough getting six panelists, let alone nine, let alone writing another set of questions.
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