Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Where Are My Ball Bearings?

Because I broke my camera during Renovation (I left it banging around inside my computer pack instead of in its own case, and the trigger assembly broke off. It may be fixable but I've been too busy with Fernley House to do anything about it), I didn't take anywhere near as many pictures during Worldcon as usual. The photo below was given to me by Adrienne Foster.

On Friday afternoon of Renovation, after the business meeting, with my having achieved pretty much most of the goals I'd set out to achieve and with no commitments that afternoon or evening, I kitted up in my WSFS uniform and walked around the convention and enjoyed myself. While in the Exhibits area, I saw the Game of Thrones throne and decided that if people thought I was an egotist for pushing my agenda and silly for wearing costumes (where have all of the Worldcon hall costumes gone?), I'd give them egotistical and silly.

A right Captain Queeg I make, eh?
Tags: costumes, renovation, worldcon
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