Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Buff for TAFF

TAFF Candidate Warren Buff has posted his Renovation Worldcon Report [PDF], which is also a sort of opening salvo in his campaign for the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund. I'm always interested in reading Worldcon reports, since everyone's Worldcon is different, even when, as in our case, our paths cross a lot, like the nearly nine hours we both spent in RSCC A2 (the Business Meeting). I'm sorry that I embarrassed him, but I felt at the time that I had to make a point about how the MPC had in my opinion misbehaved.

I also disagree with Warren that the members of the MPC and its subcommittees should be ineligible for the Hugo Awards — that might be true if the MPC really was the Board of Directors of WSFS Inc., but it's not. Also, I point out to those people who talk of Caesar's Wife that there are past Hugo winners other than Cheryl who have served on WSFS committees, and do they really think that (for example) being on the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee gave Mike Glyer some sort of magic edge as a Hugo Award candidate? But I digress, and I'm glad that Warren agreed to serve on the MPC this term, as I think that he'll include some well-needed un-calcified thought into WSFS's only permanent committee.

I like and respect Warren even when I disagree with him in detail. I hope people will read his trip report as an earnest toward his plans for how he'll approach his TAFF trip should he win.
Tags: business meeting, renovation, taff, worldcon, wsfs

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