Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Not For Sale

To our bemusement, several people approached us after we announced that we were seeking someone to take over SF AwardsWatch with the assumption that we were trying to sell it and that they were apparently trying to determine what our revenue stream was and how much traffic we were getting. I say bemusement because SFAW was never set up to make money, doesn't earn anything, doesn't get a huge amount of traffic (except around the time of certain major award announcements), and has been basically a labor of love funded by Cheryl and supported mostly by her work with assistance from me and Petrea Michell. We aren't selling the site; we are trying to give it away to anyone who will maintain it and keep it going. Cheryl has updated the announcement post to reflect this.

We have received a number of proposals, some of which are quite good, and we're working on something that we hope will keep SFAW going, as we think it's a valuable service to the community but not one that we can afford to keep running ourselves.
Tags: cheryl, sf awards watch
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