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Quiet Anniversary

Today was Lisa and my 15th wedding anniversary. We considered doing something special to celebrate, but we had to go joust with bureaucracy in Reno this afternoon, and fancy clothes for a night out on the town aren't really compatible with waiting at the DMV. We also considered going to what used to be a favored restaurant of ours at the Nugget in Sparks (Orozko; not the same as the Oyster Bar), but they've started having music in there every night and we don't like having dinner over loud music. And on top of that, there were shopping errands that needed doing, so all we actually ended up doing was having dinner at the Manhattan Deli at the Atlantis. After dinner, Lisa splurged on a little slot machine playing. After half an hour of play or so, Lisa had $1.30 more than she started with, and said, "That's enough. Let's go grocery shopping." I apologized to Lisa for not showing her a better time, but she said that having the house starting to come together in Fernley was present enough.
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