Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fernley Wildlife

Fernley House may be in the middle of an incorporated city in a nominally commercial-industrial zone, but it also has a selection of critters that can live in such environments. There's a covey of quail in the area that we see sometimes, often with one member of the group perched on a fence or post as a lookout. There are a couple of cute little rabbits that may have burrows on the vacant lot next to us. There are at least two different types of lizard that appear to be living under the house, and we encourage that because they eat bugs.

On the less good side, however, is that there is very obviously a skunk somewhere in the area, and it includes that adjacent vacant lot in its rounds. We haven't seen it, but we've smelled it on multiple evenings. Fortunately, the skunk does not appear to have decided that the crawlspace under the house would make a good nest. We have enough issues with the house as it is. But the first time we smelled that skunk, we made a point of checking the entrance to the crawl space and making it was sealed as best as we can. At the moment, it's only closed off with cinder-block. We'd like to put an actual door on it to make it more challenging for larger critters to use as an entrance.
Tags: fernley, wildlife

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