Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

No Dice

We didn't win any prizes at the Camp Win-a-Lot drawing. (And they did say that if we won the Mini Cooper and didn't want it, they'd give you $18,500 instead, which would have been dandy with us.) But we got closer than I expected. During the run-up, they had a spinning display on stage that showed every name that was in the drawing whizzing by, and both Lisa and I saw my name spin past, so we know we were in there. We spoke to the man who had been hosting the giveaway, and he explained that there had been about 1800 people eligible. Although you earned entries for the entire two month period, you had to activate your card (either by running it through the game kiosks or by inserting it into a slot machine) sometime after noon on drawing day. That way, they know that there is a fairly good chance that you'll actually be in the casino, since you only have two minutes to claim your prize after they call your name.

As Lisa put it, though, "You're never a loser when you visit the Nugget." She actually broke even (and got a lot of game play) on slots, and we had dinner at the Oyster Bar. We were really only down the $18 I spent on keno.
Tags: casino, reno

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