Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fire in Fernley

Now that I've got your attention....

We had the chimney in Fernley House cleaned this past weekend. The plumbing contractor does chimney sweeping on the side and did it last Sunday afternoon, and for a very reasonable cost. He also re-insulated around the fireplace insert and put everything into place, pronouncing the fireplace as fit for purpose. All we needed was some wood.

Lisa tells me that there was a small amount of burnable wood about the property, which she gathered up and used to kindle a fire. The timing is good because this week is the first cold spell since we've moved it. We've actually been quite lucky so far, with unseasonable warm temperatures until this week, but it's going down below freezing at night now and not warming up as much as it had been. According to Lisa, the fireplace and its associated fan heats the living room and front portion of the house quite nicely.

Now we have to figure out something about getting in some firewood for the winter. I wish we somehow could have transported all of that wood that I split in Mehama (see icon), but aside from the cost (time and money) to transport it, there is the matter that we'd have to go by way of Idaho significantly out of the way rather than via the direct route that cuts through the northwestern corner of California because of California's agriculture rules. (They specifically quiz you about firewood at the passport & customs Ag inspection stations.) We've identified a place that would probably make for a good wood-storage area, but we need a wood rack for it, as I'd rather not store it directly on the ground.

Update, 11:30: Although it's still a bit of round-the-houses, see comment below about a route that doesn't touch Idaho.
Tags: fernley, lisa
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