Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A Clue Most Wouldn't Have Noticed

I watched tonight's episode of Penn and Teller Tell a Lie, in which they tell six odd stories, one of which is a fake. I picked out the fake (as did more than half of the audience who voted), but I think I did so based on one of the less-obvious clues; indeed, it was one they didn't even mention when they explained it at the end.

At one point during the "explanation" of the termite-caused explosions, they briefly showed a piece of letterhead for an organization labeled USFS and described it as "US Fire Safety." Well, the logo they showed for USFS was correct, but as I know darn well from having lived for a number of years on bases where my father was stationed, USFS is the United States Forest Service. There is no "US Fire Safety," although there is a US Fire Administration, a piece of FEMA, with a logo nothing like what they showed on their clip. This is the sort of false clue they've tended to use on the fakes.

So far, in the three episodes I've watched, the audience voting online has mostly twigged to the fakes. P&T are going to need to up their game to fool more people.
Tags: television

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