Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Halloween Night

Fernley House is too far off of the current beaten path of housing in Fernley, and the streets around it too unlit, to attract trick-or-treaters, it seems. There is, however, around the corner, a photography studio that is holding a Halloween food drive with their staff in costume, and with lots of neat decorations around the property. A community church a few blocks south is holding a festival that appears to be more along the traditional lines, rather than the idiotic "Jesusween" style anti-Halloween events. We didn't go in, but we could see plenty of costumed kids and adults beyond the ticket line.

Kuma Bear got in costume and wanted to go out trick-or-treating. Even though he's now old enough to fill out his own keno cards, he looks younger.

Late this afternoon, here's travelswithkuma in his Dangermouse costume posing with his jack-o-lantern.

We told Bear that people don't give out salmon treats, or even bags of Goldfish crackers, at Halloween. Bear was most disappointed.

We did take Bear for a walk while carrying a sack this evening; however, it was a bag for bringing home a gallon of milk from the Quik-Mart down US-95A. We returned calls of "Happy Halloween" from other people walking and driving by and tried not to be too concerned by the drunken lout calling obscenities as he drove past.

I asked Lisa if she wanted to get back into our costumes and go down to the little fun fair at the church and she declined, saying that she didn't feel up to it. She's spending the evening showing off her Halloween build she made inside ActiveWorlds

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