Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Mystery Lumber

Before starting work this morning I took a brisk walk of around 1000 steps around the block because I haven't been walking enough, according to my blood sugar readings. It had to be brisk because it was below freezing out there and I had to keep moving. Anyway, I noticed that there was a small pile of lumber in the front yard that had not been there when we left for Reno yesterday afternoon. I guess that means that the building contractor who is going to shore up the cracked floor joists is almost ready to get started and had some of the materials delivered late yesterday afternoon. Whether they'll show up today and start crawling under the house and installing new floor joists, I don't know.

Update, 1200: The contractor arrived later in the morning, and his men went under the house to assess specifics. They've now gone away to get more supplies and will be back later. Fingers crossed that they can get the job done this week.
Tags: house
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