Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Closing Time

Mid-day yesterday, I got the call from the title/escrow company I'd been expecting: The Lyon County Recorder had recorded the deed of sale on Fernley House, escrow was closed, and we could pick up the folder with all of the papers that afternoon. We headed into Reno and just before Western Title closed, we collected a package of papers that includes the proof that we own the house. Hooray!

There was a piece of fireplace furniture that Lisa had her eye on at a place in Sparks when we went shopping a few weeks ago, so we rushed over there to get to it before they closed; unfortunately, while it was nice, it was also Made in China, so we had to give it a pass. All of the time-constrained items completed, we went to Winco for the grocery shopping we'd skipped yesterday, then went to the Nugget and celebrated being home owners with a shrimp pan roast dinner. The staff at that restaurant are certainly getting used to us. The server who brought us our bread quipped, "I almost didn't recognize you without your uniforms," as we were last here only Saturday night.

On the way out, we played a little bit of slots, and Lisa won enough to slightly offset what I'd spent on a keno ticket while we were having dinner.

So now we own the house (subject to paying off the mortgage, of course), and it's a great load off of our minds, as there was always the nagging fear that the owner who scooped it from us in the auction might try to pull a fast one on us. He's made his profit, and I actually think he's better off as he's not only made about $20K in 90 days (before fees and short-term capital gains taxes), but he's not going to have to do all of the repairs that we're obliged to make. And Lisa is very happy with the house, warts and all, and is confident that we can make the repairs over time. It surely will keep her busy! There certainly are things that could be better, and if we could afford it, we'd try to buy the vacant lots on both sides of the house so we'd have more elbow room on this fifty-foot-wide lot (and less long-term concern about someone building right on our doorstep), but it's still good to have the most worrisome part of the deal settled.
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