Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


It doesn't rain in Fernley that much, but last night there was a pretty wild wind storm — it shook the trailer quite badly and worried Lisa a lot — with lashing rains. This morning everything is calm and damp, which unfortunately includes the wood we bought. I've not been able to find enough dry wood to get a fire started this morning, which is annoying. I rather expect that when Lisa gets up, she'll scoff at my puny efforts and get something running in jig time. Well, I've never had great Mountain Manly Man credentials, despite my partial upbringing on US Forest Service bases. I did have to kindle the morning fires when we lived in Bishop (because I had to be up earlier than anyone else anyway to do my paper route before going to school), but (a) we often had enough of a leftover fire to get going without much trouble and (b) we had a better stockpile of kindling and dry wood at hand.

When we get things better organized, of course, we expect to build a cover over a wood rack to keep off the rain and snow, and we'll have proper kindling wood set aside. There are only so many things we can get done here, and we're doing them as best as we can.
Tags: house, lisa

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