Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Off Limits

The workers are perhaps as much as 2/3 of the way across rebuilding the trusses, and will be back on Monday. The bad and good news is that they're finding rotten wood and removing it and replacing it with good, solid timbers and jacking the floor back up so that it should be nice and solid and flat when they are done. Less good is that over this weekend, this has led to a vertical gap of around 2-3 cm opening up between the kitchen floor and that of the family room to the south. These floors used to be level with each other and are not right now. Lisa expressed grave concern about this to the carpenter who said that they'll have everything right by the time they get done. Theoretically, we can walk through the west side of the kitchen (and inside Lisa's office) but should minimize any time on the east side. Lisa has told me to stay out completely and has only briefly ventured forth to gather some of the food we have stored there. This will be a nervous weekend.

Looking at the weather, I've decided to head back to the Bay Area today as there appears to be less chance of snow over the passes than there will be tomorrow. There have been chain controls over I-80/Donner Pass, although as I write this there are none. Also, when there were chains required over Donner, US-50 to the south was open with no restrictions. It seems prudent to leave now while there's less chance of having to put on tire chains and drive in the snow.
Tags: driving, fernley, house, lisa

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