Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Urban Wildlife

While out for my regular post-lunch walk (a 3 km lap around the Campus Drive business park in the San Mateo hills), I saw a squirrel running ahead of me, which isn't that unusual. What was out of the ordinary was when a deer emerged from the bushes and walked into the street. It looked back at me as I froze. Then, as a car approached, the deer dashed for the safety of the other side of the road and vanished into the undergrowth. As the weather cools, I guess the deer start moving down out of the higher hills, which means they're apt to start showing up in our parking lot again. I once surprised a small herd of them outside our office's back door, which may have frightened me as much as it did them.
Tags: wildlife, work
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