Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


I forgot to mention one of the other chores we undertook yesterday: rotating the tires on the travel trailer. By this I don't mean removing the tires and moving them around like rotating the tires on your car, but jacking the trailer up and rotating each tire about 1/8 turn. When the trailer sat in Mehama for so many years, it developed flat spots where it had been sitting, which was one of the reasons we had to buy new tires before our rather hurried move from Oregon earlier this year. We vowed to keep that particular problem from happening again, so every couple of months, we will turn the tires slightly.

We picked up one of the chalky rocks that fell off of one of the trucks bringing raw material to the Celite plant down the street and Lisa used it to mark where the bottom of the tire was pointing before she began the tire-turning process. It rains so little in Fernley that we don't expect the chalk-marks to wash off for a while.

I left Fernley before Noon today, and did not particularly rush back, making four stops along the way, so it took me more than eight hours to drive the almost exactly 300 miles between Fremont and Fernley. One of the stops was at Fry's in Roseville, where I bought yet another Chairmat; this time it's going to sit in the floor of my van for a while to serve as surface on which to pile things during this ongoing transfer of stuff from Fremont up to Nevada.
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