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Match Game: A Step Forward

While doing the last bits of box-shifting in preparation for doing to Yuba City this weekend and putting a bunch of stuff into storage, I found the bag of Match Game props, including the questions, the tapes with the theme song and continuous loop of "think" music, and the questions. (The "think" music isn't the actual incidental music from the show, which has a bit of variety in it, but is instead the first couple of bars of the theme music recorded in a continuous loop for 30 minutes. The sound FX person starts and stops the tape while the panel thinks about answers.

I'm glad I found this stuff; it would be a real pain to have to recreate it all again. The props are pretty low-tech -- tent cards with solid and empty circles and triangles, which the panelist put in front of them and turn "on" and "off" depending on whether they matched, and a set of seven "score" tents numbered 0 to 6 for each contestant. There is probably a high-tech approach that puts monitors and computer control at each of the eight required stations, but why do that when you have a low-tech system that works and sets up more quickly and doesn't break easily?
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