Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Boxed In

Although we bought as a stop-gap a truckload (about half a cord) of firewood a while back, that's almost gone and we need a larger supply, particularly as we're unlikely to be able to replace the Furnace of Death until next year. This also means needing somewhere to store a couple of cords of wood, with some of it convenient to the living room. Lisa purchased some lumber and built a wood box, with travelswithkuma supervising as usual.

Here's the box set up on one side so you can see the detail of the 2x6s topped with plywood that forms the base. The last bits of the first load of elm are in the background here, as they'd been stacked in the space where the wood box will go.

Behind the bits of firewood is the front porch and Front Street beyond that, and in the distance is the "Celite Siding" off the UP main line that runs through Fernley. This is, for instance, where BNSF was parking their local switcher and leaving it to idle for days at a time.

This is the box where it will sit, nearly finished. Lisa added a hinged, angled roof that will keep snow and the small amount of rain we get off of the wood. There isn't time to paint it, which would be more of an issue in Mehama than it is here in cold, mostly dry Fernley.

One of the living room windows is above the wood box in this picture. The window to the left is from the kitchen. Out of sight to the immediate left of the wood box is the gas meter (currently locked off and disconnected until such time as we can repair all of the gas-fired appliances in the house.) The white dots at left are clean-out ports to access the sewer line we had installed to the travel trailer.

We ordered two cords of split pine ($540 including delivery) from a place in Fallon that we've seen on our drives over there, and it arrived today. The wood box here should have a capacity of just under one cord. (The slanting roof slightly reduces the capacity, but it's necessary to keep the rain and snow off.) Lisa reckons that she'll stack the rest of the wood on a concrete pad on the other side of the house (the "dog run") and cover it with a tarp, and we'll move wood to the ready storage area as needed. We have a hand truck, but we may need to get a rolling box cart like the one her father has in Mehama.

Meanwhile, I woke up today coughing and sneezing. I'm not certain if it's a cold or all of the dust I'm kicking up from clearing shelves and packing boxes. I try to pack/clear a little bit each day. I've cleared the last bookcase that's still in the Fremont apartment and plan to take it to Fernley this weekend.
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