Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Happiness Is A Full Wood Box

Lisa woke up on Friday to find that it had snowed a little bit overnight.

This of course was only a light dusting of light, fluffy snow that Lisa said could be easily cleared with a broom from the sidewalk and that melted away later that day anyway.

On Thursday, Lisa moved most of the two cords of wood from where the vendor dumped it (at her instruction) just outside the front gate. You can see the wood box in the middle left, below the electric meter. At the far right, there is a pile of scrap wood pulled out from under the house during the floor repairs. A small amount of the firewood is stacked there as well.

Notice the hinged roof that Lisa added to it to keep off snow. She says she wants to get a piece of heavy vinyl to attach to the front edge to serve as a cover for the exposed side of the wood.

Besides the wood in the photos above, there is about 1 1/4 cords — the rest of the delivery — that she mostly stacked on the "dog run" concrete slab on the west side of the house. (We call it the dog run because we think it was what a previous owner used it for.) Lisa stacked it nicely and used a large piece of plastic she found lying about the property to cover it up. There's still a bit of wood piled in the front yard that we need to move to the side, and there is the scrap lumber as well. Lisa says we may be able to burn some of it, but of course not the creosote-treated railroad ties.

The firewood is all property split and cut to the right length, and Lisa has been happily keeping the house warmed up with it. It burns nicely and generates much less ash than the stop-gap load of elm we bought last month. Now we get to figure out how fast we go through a cord of wood and how the cost of $540/two cords compares to the $175 electric bill we just got for last month.
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