Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


I brought two spare Dell D600 laptops with me, even though I forgot to bring any of the three clones backup hard drives for my main personal computer, which is machine 7 of the series of laptops I've used over the years. One of the spares is the one that didn't have a hard drive in it that I bought cheaply on eBay. I confirmed that the drive from machine 7 wouldn't boot on that one. The other spare was machine 6, from which I upgraded to a faster processor and because it was being cranky. However, machine 6 will at least boot on its hard drive. I can retrieve such files on which I'm working right now and install Skype on it. (One reason for having two active machines is so that I can use Skype while working on Day Jobbe; the company nanny software won't allow Skype to run.) So all is not lost, although I'm running on spares.
Tags: computers

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