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Reluctant Shoppers

Lisa and I had a very nice Thanksgiving Day lunch with my mother in Sutter. Having been sensible enough to bring the electric ice chest and lots of storage containers, we also had more than enough food for dinner back at the hotel in Grass Valley that night and for dinner tonight when we get back to Fernley.

Much as we would rather avoid the mindless crowds of shoppers on this Black Friday — we were both rolling our eyes at Wal-Mart being open last night and of the other stores opening at Midnight or 4 AM or suchlike while we sat in the hotel eating Second Thanksgiving Dinner and watching Punkin' Chunkin' — there are some stores down here that aren't in the Reno area. Once we pull ourselves together later this morning, Lisa and I will drive down to the Roseville area rather than head straight back up to Nevada. We can do this because the weather forecast says it will be clear over the pass, so we don't have to head straight east.
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