Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Not So Black Friday

Yesterday morning, Lisa and I took our time waking up, although we did have a time constraint based on how long the included breakfast bar was open. I brought breakfast back to the room, which turned out to be the best choice given that the breakfast room was packed with families with small children running around and making much noise. After a rather leisurely sorting-out process, we checked out of the hotel and headed west, not east, as Lisa wanted to go to a train hobby store in Roseville. We happened to stumble across another train store in Auburn as well. After the target of opportunity in Auburn, we went to Roseville, where it took several tries before we actually found Railroad Hobbies, it having been some years since we'd been there. Also, we let ourselves get distracted looking at Union Pacific's rotary snowplows in Roseville yard.

Following our train purchases, we headed over to the Roseville Fry's so that I could show Lisa the store's train motif architecture. While the parking lot was crowded, there were parking spaces available unless you're one of those people whose self-worth is determined by being within only a few steps of the front door and thus must spend an hour sharking around for a space. As it happens, there was very little we saw at Fry's that we wanted to buy, other than stocking Lisa up with earphones for her tinnitus noise-masking device. To my surprise, the queue to check out was nearly nonexistent, as they'd opened a bank of auxiliary checkout stands and we sailed right through.

We had no need or stomach for going to stores where shoppers were pepper-spraying each other, so we turned east for Nevada, stopping for lunch at the In-N-Out at Auburn. The weather yesterday was great, aside from some mist above Auburn, and it was a nice day to admire the scenery. The rest area at Donner Summit eastbound is still closed (the westbound RA recently reopened), and we consequently decided to stop at the first casino over the Nevada state line at Exit 1 to use the bathroom. While walking into the small casino, we noticed that they had signs for the California Lottery. I wondered how that could be. Coming out of the casino, we saw the lottery signs on the opposite side of their parking lot and decided to walk over to see what was going on. There is a small building there that has a line in the floor that says "California" on one side and "Nevada" on the other. Aside from a few sodas and snacks (on the Nevada side), the place was dedicated to selling California lottery tickets. On a whim, I bought an instant-win ticket and won $5 more than the cost of the ticket.

We also stopped in Sparks at the Nugget to briefly tickle our affinity card. We played slots for a few minutes, giving back a little bit of the lottery-win money.

Eventually we got back to Fernley, where I refueled the van and drove us home. The house was all in one piece, and not even as cold as it might have been. Lisa kindled up a fire with no trouble (maybe someday I'll get a better feel for working the fireplace) and we settled back in. Lisa then made dinner, making turkey soup from the last of our Thanksgiving Day leftovers from my mother's. (Bringing the electric ice chest was smart.) Not particularly exciting times. But then again, I'm not really looking for excitement right now. Life is still much too interesting for me these days, and I'm looking for some peace, quiet, and stability.
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