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On The Road Again

While it seems like a whole lot of people I know are at Eastercon, Norwescon, Minicon, etc., I am not going to a convention this weekend, but instead will spend tomorrow with my grandfather, mother, and (if she's up to it) sister and nephew in Sutter.

Last night I moved a bunch of boxes that we've been accumulating and sorting for the past couple weeks into my van, completely filling the rear section behind the seats. We also ended up nearly completely filling one of the paper-recycling bins at the apartment complex. So the place is looking slightly less crowded, although now we have a bunch of empty boxes sitting around. I expect we'll end up sorting many of the things that are in piles into the boxes -- we had no boxes into which to put them earlier, and nowhere to put the boxes even if we did. Fingers crossed that we'll uncover enough carpet to get around to ordering the annual steam-cleaning of the carpet recommended by the property-management company.

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