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On Sunday, the conditions were finally all right for doing some of the outside chores. Specifically, we needed to cut some of the firewood down to size. The truckload of stop-gap cottonwood we initially bought included some pieces that were too long for the fireplace. For safety reasons, Lisa doesn't like operating the chainsaw by herself, so she had to wait for me to be here to get it done. She got out the electric chainsaw and ear protection (unfortunately, her sister in Mehama ended up commandeering her really nice ear protectors, so Lisa is using the backup set and I had to rely upon earplugs) and I held pieces of wood while she cut them down to size.

When we were finished, we had another small pile of pieces that we can actually burn. The cottonwood seems to be somewhat denser than the pine and burns longer, but also seems to leave more ash behind.

There's still one piece that's too large, but for that we really need a splitting wedge, which we do not have here in Fernley (the tool I'm wielding in the icon is Lisa's father's and is still in Mehama) and we are not going to buy for just one or two pieces of wood.

In this photo you can see another angle on the wood box that Lisa built to hold about 3/4 cord of wood on the front side of the house. She also made a small box right by the front door out of scrap lumber from the removal of the damaged floor joists.

The rest of the two cords of nice split and seasoned pine we bought are stacked here on the back side of the house on the "dog run" concrete slab. During the day and when the weather isn't bad, we'll sometimes come get wood for the fire from here rather than from the ready supply in front of the house.

After cutting the cottonwood down to size, I helped Lisa move the rest of the two cords of wood from the front yard to the pile in the "dog run" storage area. Lisa moved nearly all of the wood herself after it was delivered a couple of weeks ago, but there was a small pile left in the yard and we made short work of it.
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