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Lisa and I went to the DMV in Reno today to get her two vehicles and the trailer registered in Nevada. We originally planned to do this on the day before Thanksgiving, but it turned out we'd left one piece of paperwork behind in Fernley, so we had to put it off a few days. Waiting time was about 45 minutes, and it seemed to take at least that long for the clerk to register all three vehicles, primarily because the two trucks (van and pickup) are so old that their VINs don't show up in their system and they have to create new records from scratch including number of doors, seats, and so forth.

Lisa elected to get Virginia & Truckee Railroad license plates for all three vehicles. Because she registered them all at the same time, she got consecutively-numbered plates; unfortunately, it wasn't until after we finished and we were on our way out the door that she realized that we should have had them register the pickup first, then the van, then the trailer (the actual order was van/pickup/trailer) so that the towing and towed vehicles would have consecutively-numbered plates.

We got out of the DMV just before 5 PM, giving us just enough time to go over to Sandy's Electronics near the High Sierra Resort, where Lisa was able to get a wiring tool to replace one that she couldn't find after we moved. (We assume that this will cause the original tool to re-appear.) On the way out from Sandy's, we spotted another surplus store, which was staying open late because the owner was doing inventory and decided to keep the doors open, so we had a look and Lisa bought a package of US-made parachute cord — she says she plans to use it as the pilot cord for pulling cables through conduits. Then we went by Grocery Outlet to see what Pot Luck brought us this week, and then over to the nearby Atlantis hotel. It was a quiet Wednesday evening, with no queues, so we decided to have the buffet. After indulging in what is a pretty good example of Nevada's State Food, we were feeling pretty full, so we walked a couple of laps around the hotel, heading over to the front doors, up to the second level, around the second level (where I can't help but remember the rooms where the Renovation Newsletter and Con Suite were) a couple of times, then back down and around the casino floor.

Lisa wanted to play her favorite slot machine, the Monkees. Things were pretty dry until suddenly the Bonus Round hit. And it hit pretty well, returning over $30, which is not bad for a thirty cent bet. Besides, Lisa found it very entertaining. She ended up netting $23.55 after retrieving her initial $20.

In a pretty good mood from the slot win, we went to Whole Foods, where we found that unadulterated whole cream is back in stock. Whole Foods Reno still doesn't stock the variety of Cougar Mountain cookies she likes. At her request, earlier this week I wrote to Cougar Mountain asking about this. The President of the company wrote back! He explained why Whole Foods wasn't stocking all of their varieties and suggested we order directly by mail order if we can't get the local store to stock the original chocolate chunk.

Speaking of not stocking what we wanted, we also got a response from Dave's Bread saying that Winco Corporate has decided they only want to stock the four varieties of their bread that they carry, which means we're out of luck for the variety Lisa prefers unless we want to mail-order frozen bread directly from Dave's Bread. That didn't stop us from going to Winco for groceries. We could have put this off until the weekend, but since we were already in Reno, we figured we'd try to get a bit ahead of the game and reduce the number of trips.

On the way out of town, we briefly stopped in at the Nugget to tickle the card. With Camp Win-A-Lot now over, they're into a new December-only promotion called "Santa Sundays," which isn't quite as lucrative. We decided to play the Creature from the Black Lagoon slot machine for a few minutes, and were lucky enough to trigger the Snack Attack bonus round, from which we scored enough that Lisa was up eighty cents (plus the amusement value) when she cashed out and we headed home.

When we got home, we saw that one of the BNSF locomotives was tied up and idling on the switching lead across the street. Odd that they only left one of them here; they normally operate them in pairs. This locomotive will be idling all night to keep from freezing, as we're into a cold spell now. Tomorrow's high is forecast to be only 2° C with gusty winds. Time to hunker down and stoke up the fireplace.
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