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Yuba City

Somewhat to my surprise, we got away not too much later than I expected, and we hit only one bad spot of slow traffic (Benicia Bridge), so we got to Yuba City just before 5 PM. As it's supposed to rain tomorrow and it was not raining when we arrived, we decided to make a quick run to my storage locker and see if we could the boxes moved in tonight. As we drove out that way, we could see a very menacing looking cloud to the west; however, it appeared to be moving to the north-northeast. I said, "That's the kind of cloud you want to keep an eye on to make sure it doesn't put down a funnel cloud."

We got to the storage lockers and opened up my storage unit. After the usual dusting of cobwebs and dirt -- I keep a broom right at the front of the locker specifically so I can open the sliding door and get the broom without having to subject myself to anything else in the locker -- we rearranged boxes and stuff (like the rear bench seat for my van, which I keep in the locker because (a) I get better gas mileage not hauling the dead weight around, (b) I value the extra cargo capacity and (c) I rarely carry more than four people in the van. Every time we do this, we comment on the number of things that probably should be thrown away. One of these trips, we'll actually make the effort to cull out the pieces of true junk, like several old chairs, one of which is broken, and take the salvageable stuff to a thrift store and the rest to the dump.

Still, it was a good job getting the boxes into the locker this evening while it was not yet raining instead of tomorrow when it probably will be. The storm cell which we continued to watch passed just to the north of us, so we're lucky.

Then it was back to the hotel. This Holiday Inn Express has free wired internet service, not wireless, but I have a spare router that I brought with us (it's left over from the previous home network, before we upgraded the wireless to a combined WAP/router). I set it up, and could get one computer to connect directly to the hotel's service, but not by way of the router. I puzzled over this for a while before realizing that I needed to tell the router to not try logging in to the DSL on our home network. Then it worked.

About this time, I realized we were one Ethernet cable short. I had one with my computer, and we had one for cherylmorgan's computer, but you need three cables in this configuration -- the link from the hotel's system to our router. Fortunately, the hotel has lots of cables and let us borrow one, although they'll charge us if we forget to return it.

Just as we were approaching Yuba City, I realized that I'd forgotten to bring any of the three power supplies I have for this Dell with me. One normally lives at my office, and there are two in the apartment, not counting the docking station, but I'd not packed anything. I do have three full-size and one half-size battery, however, so I should have enough power for all I need it for this weekend. (Fortunately for me, there were no messages on my e-mail demanding urgent work-related things be done Today.)

So we're now sat here with me updating LJ and Cheryl taking care of stuff from her consulting job and updating the Emerald City blog, with the hard work of the weekend already done, and nothing left but to relax, read, and maybe go sit in the hot tub if the weather stays nice enough tonight. Not bad.

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