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Home Again

I do like the breakfast bar at Holiday Inn Express, and I particularly like the hot cinnamon rolls, but worried over their impact on my blood sugar. I did eat one this morning, but went and put in 15 minutes on the treadmill, and had a lower blood sugar than when I woke up, which shows me what I can eat and under what conditions.

We did not head straight home to Fremont today, but instead swung east to Folsom, where I used to live, and hit the factory outlet stores there. We picked up a few things for which we've been looking -- including replacement single-cup coffee presses to replace one we have that has cracked and for which all of the stores locally have run out -- and ate lunch in Folsom, then drove home via CA-99, Stockton, Tracy, and Altamont Pass (for variety, as we'd come north via I-680 and 80).

It will be nice to sleep in a soft bed again. The only thing that we'll fault that Holiday Inn Express for is too-hard mattresses.

I find it slightly funny that had I gone to Eastercon, I would have been staying in a Holiday-Inn-family (Crowne Plaza) hotel. OTOH, given how many people seem to have gotten sick from attending Eastercon, maybe it's best that I didn't go. Still, at least to judge by the Eastercon newsletter, many people have had a good time.

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