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It's (Not Yet) Curtains For Us

This house has no curtains. Lisa has put insulating panels in some of the windows and decorative paper in others to make the place look more lived-in. She has been considering what sort of curtains to install. Having seen some Levelor cordless blinds that looked attractive to her, we thought we'd buy one set to see how easy they are to install. Having measured the window, we went over to purchase one set. They cut the blinds to width while you're there. Unfortunately, all of the pre-packaged blinds are 72 inches high or more, while the window we wanted to use as a test is only 34 inches high. We figured that this would give us too much slack. To have shorter blinds is a custom order that costs twice as much as the pre-packaged blinds. (Twice the cost for half the material; go figure.) Furthermore, they couldn't tell us which style of cordless blind the custom order would be. (There are two different mechanisms; one is a button, while the other is a handle, and their computer doesn't seem to distinguish between them.) So we ended up going away having purchased nothing.
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