Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


Today's chore was getting five loads of laundry done. It's not a terribly time-consuming chore when the laundromat (which we can see from the house) isn't busy, but we weren't the only people who were getting caught up on chores, and the place was crowded. I'm glad it's only about one long block to the laundromat, because those wet clothes are heavy!

We got a call back about the Levelor blinds. It turns out that the off-the-shelf blinds use a button, while the custom-order blinds have a handle. Lisa decided to put aside the blinds order for a while and to consider her options. At galtine1's suggestion, we decided to get some of the temporary paper blinds for use in the windows in the part of the house that isn't completely habitable until we get a new furnace. They're not available in Fernley, so we drove into Reno this afternoon to Home Depot. We found the blinds easily, but not so easily any of the other things we wanted. Items either weren't available or only Made In China. So we skipped buying anything else. Since the North Reno Home Depot is just across the street from WinCo Foods, we stopped by there to pick up a few things that we could just as easily waited to get on our next big shopping trip, but since we were there we might as well get them now. Then we made a brief stop at the Nugget in Sparks, where Lisa's low-grade slot machine luck continued to hold, contributing $1.50 to the Laundry Fund.

Heading back to Fernley, we stopped to see if any of the other home supplies we wanted were there. We found a couple of things, but the others (like an indoor clothes-drying rack) were only Made In China. Lisa says she might build one from PVC pipe instead. It might even cost less that way.
Tags: fernley, house, lisa, reno

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