Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

2011 WSFS Business Meeting Videos

I finally got around to uploading the video of the Site Selection session of the 2011 Business Meeting. Thanks to Cheryl Morgan loaning me the use of her paid Vimeo account.

2011 Site Selection WSFS Business Meeting

In case you missed it the first time and are morbidly curious, the other two meetings are:

2011 Main WSFS Business Meeting
2011 Preliminary WSFS Business Meeting

The Site Selection meeting was not at all contentious and consisted mostly of the formal announcement of the Site Selection results, presentation from the newly-seated 2013 Worldcon, and presentations from bids for future years. The lack of any parliamentary fireworks was the primary reason for my lack of urgency in getting the third meeting's video uploaded.

The first two session videos are relatively low resolution (although audio is okay) because I was constrained by what I could push up through the Atlantis Hotel's in-room internet system (even with a wired connection). One of these days I hope to put together a higher-resolution version that uses footage from the other camera.
Tags: business meetingq, worldcon, wsfs

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