Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
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Homeowner Kevin

Yesterday afternoon before we headed in to Reno, Lisa took some photos of me in front of Fernley House.

Here I am standing at the front gate with the north end (living room) of the house immediately behind me. You can see the chimney and fireplace over my left shoulder (and a full box of wood on the porch behind me to my right). The window behind my head and the two to my right open off of the living room, while the next one down opens onto the kitchen. Looming over the house in the background is the "granny hutch" studio apartment (with separate entry through the stairs and porch in the left rear) that one day should be my home office, assuming I ever get to work from home regularly. Just barely visible behind the stairs to the office is a bit of the large garage that is a separate building slightly to the south of the house.

Looking the other way out the gate and across Front Street in this photo taken from the front porch, you see a part of the ever-changing view, with a couple of cars spotted on one of the "Celite Sidings" switching lead across the street.

Lisa took this photo the previous day standing just outside the front gate as a BNSF way freight stopped to pull/drop cars from the siding. I don't remember if the cars behind me in the photo up above were from this train or from the BNSF local that came and switched the sidings later.

The shirt I was wearing in these photos is brand new, purchased at Work World in Reno earlier in the week. I added this festive vest (re-purposing a Boston Worldcon Friend of the Bid vest) to add a little interest to the all-black outfit before Lisa and I headed out first to Fallon for a shopping errand at Big R and then back to Reno/Sparks for New Year's eve.

It's a nice house in many ways, particularly if you like watching trains. I just hope I get to spend more time in it and that this three-week holiday stint isn't my longest sojourn here.
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