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Reload! Reload! OK!

For cash-flow reasons, we couldn't order any more firewood until after the first of the year. Yesterday, the wood arrived.

This is the last of the two cords of firewood we bought back in November. Fortunately, the last week has been unseasonably warm, so we haven't been going through quite as much wood. I reckon this was, at best, about a week's supply remaining.

Around 10 AM yesterday, the delivery truck from Fallon arrived with a trailer holding two cords of wood. At Lisa's direction, I had them unload it in two piles, the smaller of which was closer to the gate. In front of the larger of the two piles is a small pile of wood debris. Lisa asked for them to sweep out the delivery trailer (I got the push-broom from the garage for this) so we can use the jibbles and bits for kindling.

Here I am starting to move the smaller pile to the wood box, which holds approximately 3/4 cord of wood and is located on the east side of the house, closer to the pedestrian gate. (The wood box is beyond the front porch whose steps you see behind me to my right.) If we owned the vacant lot next door, we would have had them pile it closer to the box there, but we don't rightly know who owns that lot, and I don't want to court trouble.

The larger of the two piles will go to the "dog run" on the west side of the house. We'll first have to toss the wood over the fence, then carry it to the dog run. One of our longer-range plans is to replace the section of fence behind this pile with a gate and maybe to pave a parking space in the front yard. It would make a good place to park Lisa's utility trailer once we retrieve it from Oregon. Also, once we have that trailer we can go get the firewood ourselves rather than having to pay the $50 delivery charge.

(We're not going to go cut our own firewood. The nearest wood-cutting areas are a long way away. Even the firewood company doesn't cut it themselves; they buy it from a jobber who delivers the cut logs to them, and then they split it and resell it, in this case for $540 for two cords including delivery.)

We didn't have them deliver the wood over the fence because there's still the (reduced) pile of debris from the under-floor work partially blocking the target area, and because Lisa didn't trust them to toss the wood where she wanted it. I'm not complaining; she moved every stick of the first two cords all by herself without any help from me.

This is the "dog run" where the roughly 1 1/4 cords of firewood in the previous photo will end up once we're finished. After it's stacked, it should look approximately like this. Lisa found a large plastic sheet blowing around the property after we moved in, which was convenient for covering the wood against the little bit of rain and snow we get here.

We moved the smaller pile and filled the wood box up so that it looks approximately like this (photo from after the November load). We also tossed some of the wood over the fence before the sun set and we quit for the day. We'll do more tomorrow.
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