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You'll Never Be Rich...

But you will be entertained with Lisa's slot machine gaming strategy. Yesterday after work, we went into Reno to do our shopping, and decided to have dinner at the Eldorado buffet, about which I'd heard good things. We were underwhelmed. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't as good as the hype, and we won't go back. Flavors buffet at the adjacent Silver Legacy is better, but we won't have dinner there because there's always excessively-loud music next door that ruins the meal. (They're okay for breakfast or brunch.)

Anyway, we walked back to Circus Circus (Eldorado charges for parking, but by walking through the three interconnected casino-hotels, you can park for free) and down to the gaming floor. I noticed that one of the machines had 25 cents credit left on it, probably because it was a 50-cent minimum play and the last person playing couldn't be bothered. I went ahead a pushed the cash-out button and Lisa went in search of slot machines that had plays of 25 cents or less. She found a bank against one wall where the term "penny slot" actually is true in that you can play it for as little as one cent per pull. She played a few one-line and three-line pulls and, lo and behold, started winning a bit. When she got to $1.17, she decided that a >300% return on "investment" was enough and we cashed out and headed to Winco to complete our grocery shopping.

We stopped at the Nugget to tickle the affinity card and get another entry for the January 21st $10K drawing, and Lisa was going to play the Paradise Fishing slot machine, but there was a woman standing right next to the station Lisa wanted to play who was smoking more than the chimney on our fireplace, so we balked and went home.
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