Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Match The Music

Thanks to bovil, I now have a CD with various bits of music from Match Game in several of its incarnations, which should come in handy for doing the show at Baycon. I already have the main theme and "think" music on cassette tape, which is useful for the usually tech-light setup we've always had. Since I usually can't be sure of what sort of tech setup will be in place, I'm dependent upon whatever I can bring with me, which amounts to a boom-box and extension cord, and cassette tapes with the required music. (Sure, we could get fancier with a known good tech setup with which we've had time to practice, but we've never had time to do that before.)

One of the new bits of music is called the "plug" music, and it's what plays behind the announcer talking about "promotional consideration provided by..." or "if you're going to be in the Los Angeles area and would like to appear on the Match Game..." This means we need to write "commercials" for our sponsor or sponsors -- specifically Holister in 2008.

Assuming he's not called away for work reasons, Eric Larson has agreed to reprise his "Johnny Olson" role as our announcer.
Tags: baycon, match game
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