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What I wanted to do was sleep all day after this past stressful and tiring week, but I did have to get out to run some errands, like going to two different banks (ne for me, one for the SF & F Translation Awards), redeeming the recycling, and doing some grocery shopping. Then it was back to the apartment for today's main event: The 49ers-Saints NFL playoff game. I was a bit peeved that so many of the pundits were already saying that the Saints were a shoo-in. I figured it would be close, but I would have picked the 49ers by a single point. I wish I had placed a bet on them before I left Nevada last weekend, because the 49ers did indeed win, and by four points, not just one, but boy was that a tight game.

After the nail-biter by the Bay, the nightcap was a bit of a letdown, as Saint Tebow finally managed to not pull out a game under improbable circumstances. During the game, I packed up some boxes of things that I'm going to move to the Yuba City storage locker tomorrow when I go see my mother. Yes, I could take the boxes to Fernley on my next trip, and eventually I'm going to close the YC storage locker and get out of paying rent on it, but the more things I can get out of the apartment in Fremont, the better. Even after taking all of the things I've taken, it keeps seeming to me like there's still a vast amount of stuff to move.
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