Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Making the Rounds

I took about eight or ten boxes of papers and a filing cabinet up to my storage locker in Yuba City today, and also made a withdrawal: I got the rear seat of the van (which has been in the locker for years) out of the locker, thoroughly swept the dust and cobwebs (and black widow spider carcasses *shudder*) from it, and just barely managed to get it re-installed in the back of my van. That seat is heavy. I'm glad it wasn't busy at the storage place today, because I had to park right in the middle of the access road because the road slopes considerably from side to side, and if I parked anywhere else, one of the two rear doors of the van wouldn't stay open. I'll take the rear seat back out on my next trip to Fernley, because until I've found a new place to live and moved, I need cargo space more than I need extra seats in the van. Unfortunately, that chairmat I put in the back of the van is a little bit larger than the remaining available floor space after locking the rear seat into place. I hope I don't end up damaging that mat too much and that some of the curl in it will go back down after a while once I get it out on the next trip to Fernley.

Then it was out to my late grandfather's house in Sutter, where my mother has been trying to pack up all of the stuff that accumulated there over the years and find new homes for it. She pointed me and many boxes of mine that had finally reached a point where we could get at them. (Prior to now, the boxes, like my comic book collection, had been buried under layers of other stuff. I proceeded to carry all of the stuff out to the van, where it just barely seemed to fit what with the rear seat of the van taking up a bunch of space. Combined with the VHS video tapes I was given for Lisa last Monday at BASFA, I pretty much am already loaded for the next van-load of stuff to Fernley. That might not be for a while, though, as the current weather forecast for next weekend is pointing toward rain and snow in the mountains. We'll see as we get closer.

The round-trip from Fremont to Sutter and back is just about the same distance as the one-way trip between Fernley and Fremont.
Tags: family, fernley, moving

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