Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Run to Reno

Lisa hadn't been to Reno since the last time I was home in early January. We drove into Reno this morning and did a lot of shopping to fill things back up again. Said shopping did not include any perishable foods, because Lisa is actually leaving the day after I do. I head back to the Bay Area tomorrow, and Lisa heads toward Oregon on Monday, as she and Kuma Bear will be going to the Cascade Mountain Video Show in Portland. Lisa has attended this show for several years and wanted to go up there again this year. If all goes well, she'll also be able to use this trip to get her little utility trailer from Mehama along with a few things she left up there during our relatively rushed move-out. (We currently plan to make a final moving trip after Westercon, renting another rental truck for the big push to get the last of her things out of the storage container up there.)

I've booked Lisa hotel rooms in Klamath Falls going and coming, and in Portland for the two days around the show. I've also given her a letter that should, I hope, account for her staying the rooms her husband booked on his credit card but for which he's not physically present. She's been able to do this before (check in to the hotel booked in my name and on my credit card), but it always makes me nervous anyway, since you never know when you're going to get an excessively-officious (and old-fashioned) front-desk clerk who doesn't understand how Lisa could possibly be my wife — she has a different last name!

(Seriously, this has happened.)
Tags: hotels, lisa, travel

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