Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wish I'd Taken That Prop Bet

I got away earlier than usual from Fernley this morning, but OTOH I stopped longer along the way. When I was on the road I made good time. I speculate that there was less traffic than usual because of more people watching the Super Bowl. The game kicked shortly after I left my usual mid-way coffee stop at Colfax and was coming back into range of a radio station on which I could hear it.

Yesterday when Lisa and I were doing our shopping, we went to the Atlantis to have lunch at the Manhattan Deli, which has a view of the Sport Book. I saw just how many of the strange proposition bets they were booking on "The Big Game." (I assume they aren't allowed to call it The Super Bowl without NFL permission or something like that.) Bets included things like which team would first use a coach's challenge and who would win the coin toss. (Why that one wasn't exactly even money I'm not sure.) One of them was "Will there be a safety?" and I was for some reason tempted to take a flyer on that one. I was obviously sorry I didn't do that when I heard the first score of the game.

At Lathrop I made a short rest stop. In the market there, I found that my favorite flavor of Pringles, dill pickle, was back on the shelf. The expiration date was sufficiently far into the future that I don't think it was just a few stray cans left from after they discontinued it. Maybe there's hope for lovers of the Evil Dill Pickle yet.

I got home with about seven minutes in The Game and was able to watch the dramatic finish. Not having any dog in the fight, I was able to enjoy an exciting game.

I spoke with Lisa a few minutes ago to reassure her that I'd gotten back to Fremont safely and that I would call the Klamath Falls Holiday Inn Express tomorrow during the day when there's a chance of talking to an actual manager rather than some Sunday night desk clerk regarding her checking in on our reservation tomorrow. I expect the worst case would be that she'd be obliged to pay cash for the reservation on which both our names appear.

Now I need to get my laundry done and get to bed early for another intense week at my new job assignment.
Tags: fernley, lisa, sports, travel

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