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For my next trick, I will jump off a cliff like everyone else...

Most recently ganked from debgeisler, although I've seen it in several other people's journals as well.

You scored as New Democrat. New Democrats emphasize fiscal conservatism, and have a strong preference for the free market. They believe in small-scale programs that provide targetted help to those in need, while working with the business community.


New Democrat


Old School Democrat




Foreign Policy Hawk




Pro Business Republican


Socially Conservative Republican


What's Your Political Philosophy?
created with

I'm not especially surprised by the results, although I would have though I'd be more likely to test as a libertarian. (But not a Libertarian, as it seems like way too many self-identified capital-L Libertarians are lunatics who would lead us off to Gangsterism -- a rebirth of Feudalism, with fewer reciprocal responsibilities.)

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