Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Report from Portland

Lisa gave me a call from the hotel last night. She and travelswithkuma and scott_sanford went to the video show in Portland yesterday. She says she was a little disappointed. The show was not as well organized as it had been in past years, and there were fewer (as in no) television stations or other bigger professional groups at the show. Still, she's glad she made the trip. Today she's heading back toward Fernley, and she may go to Mehama on the way and collect her utility trailer and some of the things like the spare propane bottles that we were unable to carry on our two previous moving trips. She also expects to take the opportunity to shop at some of the stores that have things (like the variety of Dave's Killer Bread they don't sell in Reno) she can't easily get in Fernley. (She says she can get some of the Dave's Bread frozen, so she can take several loaves with her and they'll keep for a while.) Also, a few medium-ticket purchases without sales tax are on the to-do list.

Lisa isn't sorry to have moved to Fernley, but there are times when we wish there was a Roth's supermarket and a Bi-Mart store in the area.
Tags: lisa, oregon, portland, travel

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