Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Phase 3 In Progress

Lisa called just after I got back to the apartment in Fremont to tell me that she did assay making a trip to Mehama, and that there was no problem with her collecting the trailer. (That is, her sister didn't fuss about it or claim it wasn't Lisa's, which is good because Lisa had forgotten to bring the trailer's title papers back from Fernley.) Lisa also collected the spare propane bottles. She wishes the little pickup (not pictured in the icon) had enough oomph to pull more, because she thinks she might have otherwise been able to pack the trailer up with all that's left of her things in storage in Mehama. As it stands now, we'll have to make one more trip with a small rental truck, probably on the way back from Westercon this July.

When she called, she was at the Pilot truck stop in Chemult, which is one of our regular refueling stops on this back-and-forth travel. (The other is Alturas.) She expects to be at the hotel in K-Falls later this evening.

Incidentally, the icon here is brand new. It's taken from the photos we made of Lisa and her Big Orange Van for her amateur radio QSL card. The photo was taken out in her father's field in happier times in Mehama.
Tags: lisa, travel, van

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