Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Who Wrote That?

The more I work with the graph tools in MS Access, the more I think that Microsoft must have bought that package from someone else and bolted it onto the program without giving a lot of thought to how well it meshes with the other Office applications. I'm sort of managing to get the reports I want with much messing about, but boy is it a lot of work. And if you make a mistake, Undo doesn't work. Talk about working without a net! I've been having to stop and save a backup every few minutes in case I botch things up, which I have done when something behaved a way I never expected it would.

Still, once you get one report written, the rest start getting easier, as you can make copies of the first one and re-use as much of the design and VBA code as possible, so we're getting there.
Tags: computers, work

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