Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lots of Little Things

This evening I collated in the additions to the BASFA Hugo Recommendations list I got last night. (I plan to start posting them tomorrow night.) I then got the notices out for next month's SFSFC Board of Directors meeting. Although the meeting isn't until March 24, notices of SFSFC regular meetings are supposed to be sent out by the 25th of the previous month, and I try to get them e-mailed to all of the directors sometime during that week rather than leave it to the deadline. At least I don't have to do paper mailings anymore, as the corporation voted a few years ago to allow electronic mailing as a valid form of notice.

None of these things are huge by themselves, but after a while I find myself loaded with a lot of little things, which tend to get tiresome when they all fall due simultaneously. When people ask me if I'll do various sorts of volunteer work "for charity" or make donations to various charitable causes, I point out that I'm averaging several hours per week (that's an average; some weeks there's nothing) in volunteer work for two different US charities and also for a Canadian non-profit corporation.
Tags: basfa, sfsfc

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