Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hole in the Head Filled (Temporarily)

This morning, I went to my dentist to have a temporary crown placed in the tooth-shape gap formed by the work the root-canal specialist did that had the effect of removing about 70% of one of my upper-right teeth. (She had to grind off an old crown just to get at the tooth, and the crown work had involved removing a fair bit of the tooth to start with.) My dentist, Dr. Ferrer, using the impression taken before the crown was removed, worked on the area where the permanent crown will be and fitted a temporary crown into place. I come back in about three weeks for the permanent gold crown that I hope will bring to an end about two years of fussing over that particular tooth. It's nice to no longer have a space back there.
Tags: dentist

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