Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Ever-Changing View

Lisa shot this video on February 29 while standing on the front steps. This is a pretty typical view of the local BNSF switch job pulling out of the sidings in Fernley and heading back to Sparks. Generally speaking, they're out in Fernley five days a week.

The UP main line (over which BNSF has trackage rights) runs through here. On the far side of the tracks is Fernley Siding, which is the mainline passing siding. There is a switch off the mainline just to the west of us that opens into what we call the "Celite Sidings" — a switching lead with a total of three tracks that serves the Celite plant down the street and that serves as BNSF's local base of operations for the local industries they serve in the Fernley area.

I should note that while a lot of the photos and videos we've been posting may make it seem like we're in a deserted, desolate area, we're actually in the center of the city of Fernley; it's just that the angles we've been shooting aren't showing much of the surrounding houses, and also the lots on both sides of us are vacant. (Off in the distance in this video you can see vehicles going by on I-80.) In fact, while the commercial center of the city has shifted east and north toward Amazon, Wal-Mart, and the freeway, our house was once pretty much right in the center of town, being across the street from the train station. (The station has since been moved to a different location, no longer on the railroad tracks, by the same contractor who repaired the floor joists under our house.)
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