Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Countdown to Move-Out: 7 Weekends

My final weekend in Fremont, when I expect to spend the weekend moving the last of my things to San Jose and cleaning the old apartment prior to formally vacating it, is April 28-29. Currently my plans call for me to rent a small moving truck on the morning of April 21, load it with the large pieces of furniture (bed, 2 sofas, entertainment center) along with anything else that's handy and fits in the truck, drive to Fernley that day, unload the truck on Sunday, then return the truck and catch a train back to the Bay Area from Reno on the morning of Monday, April 23. (This appears to be cheaper than the other alternatives I priced; unfortunately, there must be an event in Reno that weekend because the hotel room rates are high, so Sunday night in a Reno hotel near the Amtrak station isn't looking good.) Counting this weekend, that means it's seven weeks to move-out. Today I spent time backing more boxes of things and making decisions about keep in San Jose / move to Fernley / throw away. I also did some preliminary cleaning of bathrooms, although I'll have to do a more thorough job on the final weekend.

During the three-week transition period, and after I've moved my bed up to Fernley, there may be times when it would be more convenient to spend the night at Fremont. (I'm expecting to move a van-load of stuff from Fremont to San Jose each day, driving Fremont to work in the morning, then to the apartment in San Jose and back to Fremont in the evening.) That's why I was relieved to finally find my inflatable AeroBed. I bought it years ago when I was seriously facing the prospect of having to live out of the back of my van. (Not because I was out of work, but because I couldn't find anywhere in the Bay Area I could afford to rent.) It had gotten buried under piles of other things and resurfaced today while I backed stuff away. I'm putting the pump on the charger so I can test out the bed. I used the bed for a month or so after I moved into the San Jose Slan Shack (a house I rented with some other people for a year) before I got a permanent bed. So if I need to spend the night in Fremont, I won't have to sleep on a hard floor.
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