Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Roof Report

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, high winds in Fernley (which happen regularly) tore some of the metal siding off the roof fascia and eves. Because of our unfortunate experiences with the roof on Lisa's father's house, we prioritized getting this fixed, albeit it wasn't a crisis because it doesn't rain very much in Fernley even in the winter. This week, the building contractor came by and gave Lisa an estimate for the repairs. When I first saw the damage, I hoped we could get away with less than $1000. I'm pleased to report that the contractor's initial estimate is about $950 (I've sent the half-up-front that is standard with them), but that it could be substantially less, because they'll be able to re-use all of the metal siding that Lisa was able to save, and they will only charge us for any new siding they have to buy and cut to size. Lisa says that she salvaged all of the pieces that were still on the property. While the winds were pretty bad, we don't think many of the pieces sailed completely away, so Lisa feels pretty confident that we'll be paying a lot less than the initial estimate, and that we'll primarily be paying the contractor for the labor and for having the tall ladders and other equipment for the work.
Tags: fernley, house

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