Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Meeting Day

This morning at 11 AM was the last SFSFC Board of Directors meeting to which I'll be able to walk at the Centerville Train Station meeting room. I got over there early, just after 10 AM, because I was responsible for setting up the computer, speakers, and microphones for our Skype-based conference call. The technical aspects went quite smoothly, although we did have to go audio-only as there just isn't quite enough bandwidth to do video-conferencing there. However, before the bandwidth bogged us down, we all got a chance to wave at Cheryl Morgan, joining us from London.

SFSFC met for about three hours, going through all of its committees and discussing future plans. I'll have more to say about those plans later once they mature a bit and once the directors have a chance to review the minutes and confirm that what I wrote down was what they meant.

A few mechanical things: we changed the date of our July meeting to July 21 to accommodate two directors (including me), and we expanded our internal definition of "San Francisco Bay Area" to include adjacent counties where we either have held board meetings or expect to possibly meet in the future. Those changes are all up on the SFSFC web site
Tags: corflu, sfsfc, westercon, worldcon

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