Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Countdown to Move-Out: 6 Weekends

As I was out quite late last night attending a birthday party, I slept in today and haven't gone outside at all. I've done some packing, putting away a bunch of the stuff in the bathrooms of this apartment and realizing that I probably won't have to buy soap or shampoo for ten years, assuming the stuff I have doesn't dry up before I get around to using it. There was a lot of stuff pushed to the back of the cupboards that I'd completely forgotten about.

Also on tap: gathering together expired medications and bagging them up to take to a local pharmacy in the hope that they'll accept them for safe disposition, rather than just dumping them into the trash where they can get into the water eventually.

I boxed up most of SFSFC's corporate papers into a couple of bankers boxes, and will try to fob them off onto one of the corporation's other officers because I don't feel quite right transporting things like the corporate seal out of state. I can come and get them back after I've moved and have a better idea of how much room I'll have for such things.

I've also reserved a 10-foot moving truck — I'm hoping I've calculated correctly that it is sufficient for the two sofas, one entertainment center, and one queen bed — and am going to see about reserving my train ride back on the Monday following this round of Moving Daze on April 21-22.
Tags: moving daze, sfsfc
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