Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lottery Fantasy: Cash Prize for Hugo Awards

What with half-a-billion dollars up for grabs in the MegaMillions draw, one starts to think of things one could do with the money, even if (as I would) you opt for the NPV rather than the annuity.

One of the things I thought of doing was to set up an endowment to fund a cash award for the Hugo Awards, and I don't just mean The Big One. If I did it, all categories would have the same amount associated with them. Say $1,000 or so per category (Yes, even the "fan" categories), probably by specifying $X per year (adjusted for performance of the principle fund whose interest would fund the thing) divided among the categories.

I wonder if having a cash award as well as a shiny trophy associated with winning a Hugo would make the award more prestigious or less? I can certainly see the arguments against additional Hugo categories after such a time: "It would dilute the prize pool!"
Tags: hugo awards, lottery

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